About Us

About Us

Big Bang Customs was started in 1998. Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Alan and Kenitha Proctor have been involved in local businesses in Kentucky for decades. Since 1993, the couple has moved from creating airbrushed T-shirts at local festivals to a multi-city “empire” of skateboarding shops to customized apparel printing — and a variety of businesses in between.

Today, Big Bang Customs — located on Lexington’s eclectic corridor, Southland Drive — offers its expertise to a discriminating customer who values attention to detail and quality merchandise.

“We care about your product. It’s not just a T-shirt. It’s not just another job,” Alan says. “When you’re a specialty shop like us, you have to take a little more pride.”

“We’re a laid-back organization,” adds Kenitha, “but we really don’t know how to not be busy.”

Utilizing high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, the Proctors turns out not only customized shirts, sweaters, hats, workwear and other specialty items — but provides branding services that make Kentucky businesses shine. Alan’s artistic background and branding expertise gives him a unique perspective on trends in textiles, while Kenitha’s business acumen ensures timely delivery and friendly, home-town service. With its Southland Drive location, Big Bang Customs offers a convenient storefront filled with samples clients can touch, feel and become comfortable with in a relaxed, friendly environment.

“Art is very important to me,” Alan concludes. “And I think Kenitha and are definitely better together. We’re a team that complements other. We’re kind of hard to beat; she takes care of the business, she runs the business, and I …” he grins, “I make stuff.”